“ ‘We are in the presence of a revival …[and] in this revival the church is growing progressively, like the Scripture says, “The Lord added to their number daily… those who were being saved.’ ” [Acts 2:47]

Pastor Juan Carlos Bermudez, Superintendent of the Buenas Nuevas Churches in Cuba

Pastor Juan Carlos Bermudez (photo)is the Superintendent and Overseer of the Buenas Nuevas (Good News) Churches in Cuba. I’ve been working with him on a video to raise awareness of the recent changes in his country that now allow churches to buy building materials and build new churches or expand existing ones with fewer restrictions.

Please take 5 minutes to watch the video right here…

This is the Moment to build in Cuba from Gospel Relief on Vimeo.

“This is the opportune moment for the church to grow and build… If we had time I could tell you of all the places in Cuba where we are building… There are many, and all of them… need funding, they need assistance, they need workers, and we have Heaven on the line asking God to open doors.”

Listening to Pastor Juan Carlos, you get the sense that these are exciting and challenging days for believers in Cuba; doors that have long been closed are now open, but they need our prayers as they trust God to supply the pressing needs for these churches that are building. How can you and I help? We have to be careful to stay within the guidelines of our own laws that limit what we can and cannot do financially. While we cannot send these dear friends the money that they need, we can and do take Bibles, clothing, and many items that they would otherwise pay full USA prices to obtain. The Cuban monthly wage is $20 USD, not enough to make ends meet, but when we take items they need, it frees up what little they have so they can give more to build their own churches and provide for their own pastors. In God’s economy it works! So you can help by giving generously toward our next trips this Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Please pray too for the team that is preparing to visit the Casa Alegre Orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico this Fall. Celeste, her husband Michael and their three girls will join a group of other families to bring encouragement and joy to Mama Liz and over 100 children of all ages at the orphanage. Mama Liz and the kids look forward all year to this annual visit.

Thank you for making it possible for us to continue going and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Mexico and Cuba. May God bless you as you trust Him to supply your every need.

John Northrup