May 2012

All day long I will tell the wonderful things you do to save your people.  But you have done much more than I could possibly know.                                         Psalm 71:15 (CEV)

I trust this update finds you encouraged—if you’re having a hard day, look up because you are secure and significant in God’s eyes. Although it may be hard to see it in this moment, He is for you! No earthly circumstance can change that.

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about the challenges of communication and connecting. Sixty years ago when my folks went to Cuba to share the Good News, they communicated their missionary updates and needs with a typewriter. My dad’s Aunt Elizabeth reformatted many of those letters for mimeograph machines—we used those for years; I remember as a kid getting ink all over my fingers and clothes. Today we use computers to format these letters and, as of this month and this letter, we’re making the jump to email and a new website. In spite of the changes in technology, the purpose is unchanged, to communicate and connect as effectively as possible.

Never fear though, the choice is up to you. We’re not going to force you kicking and screaming into the email and website connection if you don’t want it. To stay on our mailing list and receive the GRM news through the mail, don’t do a thing; nothing will change the way we communicate with you. On the other hand, if you like the idea of receiving updates by email and interacting with GRM online, please send me an email here: (I tested it this time).  You can also use the easy email contact tool at the bottom of this page.

I invite you to jump on over to the website here: to catch up on the latest GRM news. And please share the site with your friends and others who you think would be interested in knowing about our projects in Mexico and Cuba.

We’re just getting our feet wet in this Internet thing so please know that I welcome any helpful suggestions for how to improve the GRM website. Over time we will be adding more videos, photos, stories and other features. I am genuinely excited that we can now tell more of the wonderful things God is doing through the Projects and Partners you and I serve together through Gospel Relief Missions.

Thank you for praying, thank you for encouraging and thank you so much for sustaining GRM financially. God is using us together to do so much more than we could possibly know!

John Northrup

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