All of us have now lived through one year of the COVID-19 pandemic and we also adapted to a “new normal”. The primary impact for us has been less in-person contact with our friends in Cuba and Mexico. Even so, the work with all our projects actively continues.

We are deeply grateful for the committed financial support of our donors who make this ministry possible.

Additionally, we are cooperating with other trusted ministries using the internet to encourage and equip pastors and church leaders beyond Cuba and Mexico. Through these strategic partnerships, our donors are having a positive impact on the lives and well-being of Christian leaders all over the world. In fact, we have expanded these online programs beyond Spanish to include programs in Portuguese and French. This work will continue in 2021, along with our support for churches in Cuba and children in Mexico.

Thank you for visiting GospelRelief.org and for your interest in our work. For more information, get in touch. Contact Gospel Relief Missions.