I hope this post will both encourage you and quickly bring you up to date with some good news from Mexico, Cuba, and… North Carolina.


PetersFamilyChiapas13In October the Peters family returned to visit the children at Casa Alegre. This year, Celeste sent her girls, Audra (17), Rachel (16), and Riley (14) with Michael to visit the children and Mama Liz. This annual visit to Chiapas, Mexico continues to be a huge blessing to the lives of the wonderful kids at the Casa, an encouragement to Mama Liz, and a transforming life experience for the Peters family.

CUBA – Buenas Nuevas (Good News)

20141026-IMG_4085 LibertyOBXWe enjoyed several visits with friends from Cuba, including pastor Juan Carlos (shown here at Liberty Christian Fellowship in Kitty Hawk, NC). Recent reforms in Cuba make it easier for Cubans to travel and the U.S. is granting more travel visas to Cubans. We don’t know how long this window will last, but with your help we’re doing as much as possible to get resources to Cuba.

IMG_4002origIn Cuba believers still pay a high price in districts that are staunchly atheist. Please pray for pastors Jorge and Marisel as they continue to face huge challenges in their family and church life. In July they visited with us at our home church in Montreat, NC. Pastor Richard White prayed for them and for the churches in Cuba during our Sunday worship service. Thank God for churches that encourage missions!

It’s so much fun to be a part of supplying needs that the church faces in Cuba. Those needs include construction of new churches and repairs to the older church buildings. And transportation is a real challenge, too, so it was an enormous blessing to see God provide the money for a truck that the churches will use every day for moving vital supplies—including Bibles and food—across the island.

Thank you for taking the Good News, Buenas Nuevas, to Mexico, Cuba and beyond. We couldn’t do this without you so please keep praying for the children in Chiapas, for the churches in Cuba and for our role together in serving them.

¡Dios Te Bendiga! – God Bless You!

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John Northrup