Hello Dear Friends and Family,we have some exciting news…

Celeste & Rachel & Casa Kids

Celeste & Rachel with a few of our Chiapas children

We are preparing to head back to our Casa Alegre Orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico from November 20th through the 29th. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our Chiapas children! It is such a privilege to play a small part in the lives of these little ones, playing, teaching, and simply hugging as an expression of the Lord’s love to some who have only known abandonment or abuse.

Riley & Casa Kids

Riley & Casa Alegre buddies

Audra & Casa buddy

Audra with one of our Chiapas kids

We are SO grateful for the support, encouragement and prayers by which so many of you have covered us over these past 10 years that we have been making annual trips to Casa Alegre. This year, as always, our purpose for going is multi-faceted. In addition to the abundance of hugging, wrestling, and just sitting, encouraging and connecting with each of the 100+ kids, we have some very practical objectives. We are still raising the final funds needed to pay for the corrective surgery and care for little Juanito (pictured below). He was dropped off at the orphanage last year, abandoned by his parents due to his severe cleft palate. We have arranged for the doctors and hospital stay to begin Juanito’s road to health and a ‘”normal life” without the added burden of this malady.

Photo 4

Taiz and Juanito

We’ll also be laying some new turf in the playground area & doing some other construction and improvement work on the playground so that the kids have a safe and clean area in which to run and play- just like every kid needs!

Thank you for partnering with us in all the ways you have over the years. We need, and cherish your prayers and support. If you ever want to join us and go – there is ALWAYS a place for you – and plenty of kids that need you. If you’re able to support us financially as we go…Thank You!! Our costs to go are certainly substantial – The benefits to those kids are both certain, and substantial. They look forward to our return each year. Thanks for helping to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

If you wish to participate financially toward costs of the surgery, the projects and our trip costs to Chiapas, please send any contributions to GRM (Gospel Relief Missions). You can also use the “Donate” feature on this website. A Tax Receipt will be provided. Thank you for joining us in serving these lost, least, and abandoned ones.