We have a new video update from Cuba …

My son Barron and I traveled to Cuba this summer for a different kind of event; we were invited to come and spend time at a retreat with about 70 young people. These are pastors’ kids from the central part of the Island. These kids find themselves in difficult situations between the church and the culture and rarely get a chance to enjoy some downtime. Gabriel Borja, a close friend and pastor from Mexico, joined me for this trip. It was a great experience for us to spend time with these kids, listen to them, help them and speak into their lives.

Elizabeth San Juan, the eldest of three in a pastor’s family, led the team that organized the conference for pastors’ kids. Elizabeth shared with me, “I think the camp was a great success because each one there felt special, they felt loved and they felt supported.” She also added, “Everything that John and Gabriel shared touched our hearts. Everyone really enjoyed it and I loved it, too. We are already planning the next event for pastors’ kids because it was an unforgettable experience.”

After the conference, Barron and I were able to squeeze in a visit with the church in Sancti Spiritus, the church that my parents began back in the 1950s. It’s always a great homecoming experience to go there. We were also able to visit the church in Remedios. Like so many of the churches today in Cuba, both of these churches are strong and doing well. The Cuban believers are a fantastic group of people that always build me up every time I visit.

I also had a chance to ask Elizabeth about the condition of the churches in Cuba. She did not hesitate to tell me, “the churches in Cuba are experiencing something beautiful, there is a spirit of working together, of reaching more people, so there is a lot of joy in the churches. We’re very happy, and this is a wonderful season for us in Cuba”.

You are an important part of this connection to Cuba. You’re very much a part of supporting these churches; you’re very much a part of this family in Cuba.

Thank you for making this trip possible!

John Northrup